May 28 – 2: Prezi

Tomorrow at work I’m going to start promoting the summer reading program that we’re trying to get our students to participate in, and also start introducing them to a broader reading incentive initiative that we’re planning to start next fall. One of the biggest challenges I face at my school is trying to get my students to participate in various programs – for whatever reason, they often just don’t get excited about things that I’m doing that I think are really cool. So as I started working on my presentation, I was looking for something more exciting than my typical PowerPoint-and-flyer combo, which hasn’t been as effective as I’ve wanted it to be.

What I ended up going with is a Prezi, which is a lot like a PowerPoint, only a little more dynamic because it zooms from one slide to the next. I had a lot of fun playing with setting it up – it really speaks to my design geek side, since you have a fair bit of control over the way that it looks, but it’s also super easy to use and has some of the basic design built for you when you start. On their end of the year survey, my students overwhelmingly said that I talk too much, so I’ve set this up so that it should be able to autoplay, and I’m planning to play some beach-y music behind it (maybe this? or this? or this?) and just let it go. Wish me luck!


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