June 2 – 1: Ticket to Ride

I love games. All kinds, really – board games, card games, silly internet games, intense (usually nerdy) computer games, video games. One of my favorites, though, is Ticket to Ride. It’s available both as a board game and as an app, and both versions are a lot of fun. There are two things that push Ticket to Ride up to the top of my games list. One is that the board game is easy to set up and explain – it takes just a couple of minutes to set up and about 5 minutes to explain, which is way less than most of my favorite board games. The other is that it’s complex enough for serious gamers to enjoy, but also simple enough to play with your non-gaming friends too.

To see how it’s played, watch Will Wheaton and friends play it on his show Table Top:


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