June 3 – 1: Penultimate week

Today is the first day of our students’ penultimate week of school.

(Side note: I kind of love the word penultimate – it’s so much more elegant than second-to-last, which is just sloppy looking with all its hyphens. Much better to use a single word that means the same thing.)

While I do really like my job and my students, I’m also really excited that summer break is nearly here. I don’t have much planned for this summer, but I’m really looking forward to training my dog more, working on my garden, reading a ton of books, going on a few short vacations, and coming back in the fall rested and ready for a new year.

Just two more weeks with students, plus another few days of wrapping things up in the library, and then it’s officially summer break. I can’t wait.


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