June 3 – 2: Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

I read Grave Mercy this weekend, and I was pleasantly surprised by it. From the cover, I figured it would be a Twilight knockoff, and while it does share a few common traits (romance, supernatural elements), it’s far more complex and interesting in terms of its setting and plot than I was expecting.

It takes place in Brittany in the late 1400s, and is at least semi-historical – the major historical figures actually existed and faced the same challenges they face in the book. But it also incorporates a heroine with some supernatural powers, and some fairly implausible aspects given how much freedom and power some of the women in the book seem to have, and a few instances where the distinctions between social classes seem to be glossed over. But it’s a fun story, and even if the history is muddled, it’s still an interesting imagining of historical events that most people (myself included) know little to nothing about.


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