June 5 – 2: Enthusiasm

Today I ran into one of my 6th grade students in the hallway, and she was bursting with the news that she has already started on her summer reading (even though it doesn’t count for our summer reading program until after next week, when school is out for the summer). As part of our program, I gave the students a list of recommended books, and she had already read (and loved) two from that list, and was enjoying the start of a third.

Later, I had another student in the library with a teacher to retake her math final, and she got done very early. She has never been an enthusiastic reader, but she was pushing to go to her locker to get The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton so that she could read it in her extra time, because she was enjoying it so much. In fact, most of our 8th graders love The Outsiders – even (or perhaps especially) the ones who don’t really like to read. Which is crazy, because they read it as assigned reading – not something that students are known for loving. But this book really seems to speak to my students.

Right now, I’m a little overwhelmed at work – the end of the year is one of my least favorite times to be a school librarian, because my days are filled with hounding students to bring their books back, trying frantically to organize things for the end of the year and get things set up for next year, and generally a lot of administrative tasks and not a lot of student contact. So moments like these really make my day.


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