June 6 – 2: Free book fair

Our district runs a really fantastic program in collaboration with Scholastic where at the end of the year, they send us a book fair and allow us to choose 100 students to receive two free books to take home and keep and hopefully read over the summer. We held our free book fair today, and it was (as always) a fantastic day. This year, we targeted our students who receive free and reduced meals to receive books, because as a school we’re focusing on that population and trying to help close the achievement gap between them and our less disadvantaged students.

The kids love it. Even my super reluctant readers who tell me they never read anything, who I can’t convince to check a book out to save my life. They were browsing and chatting with people and excited about the options, and spending a lot of time and energy trying to pick out the right book – one that they would actually enjoy and might actually read. Now I just have to figure out how to convince them that their library visits are basically the same thing – a chance to get a book for free that they might really enjoy.


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