June 7 – 2: “But Mrs. H – this book says %*^#”

One of the most fun – but also most frustrating – things about middle schoolers is that they are in the middle. They’re somewhere between children and teenagers, and at any given moment they could be pulled more towards either side of their maturity. This is especially apparent when they come across something “racy” in a library book – a swear word, a makeout scene, a picture of human anatomy. Some of them actively seek these things out, searching for our books on illegal drugs or our health books. Some of them make a huge production out of it, proclaiming loudly how “mature” they are and making jokes to draw the attention of the class, or whispering passages loudly to their friends and giggling. But my favorites are the ones that come to me, concerned, to make sure that I know this book has a swear word, or asking if this book is allowed in middle school – looking for reassurance that they’re really old enough to be reading these things.


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