June 12 – 1, 2 & 3: Caring

So today I’ve been struggling a little bit to come up with my three good things to post, because I’ve been preoccupied with finding out that one of my students is in a really tough situation, and wishing that there was a way for me to do more to help him. But part of the point of this blog is trying to focus on the positive, so here are three good things that I have been able to come up with:

1. Despite having some really heartbreaking things going on in his life, this student has been unfailingly pleasant and responsible every time I talk to him. He seems really mature for an 8th grader, and hopefully that will help him get through things and be successful despite the challenges that he faces.

2. We have a really fantastic guidance counselor at my school. When I called him today with a question about this student, he was totally on top of things and able to fill me in on a lot of details and provide advice about the situation. In fact, every time I have a concern about students who are lucky enough to be assigned to this particular counselor, he’s already had conversations with the student and the family and is doing his best to help.

3. Having my own support system of friends and family who I can call on any time to help me sort through things that I’m facing – whether it be something that is going on in my personal life, or, as in this case, challenges that I face in my professional life.


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