June 15 – 3: Visitors

The day before people come to stay with us, I often start to feel a little resentful. Which is stupid, because I love seeing people, and I always have a great time, and it’s awesome to have them be the ones traveling so that we don’t have to deal with trains, planes, and automobiles ourselves. But we do have to clean the house, and as I’ve established, I’m not big on chores. So we spent the majority of yesterday cleaning our house, and our car, and by the end of it I wanted a quiet day off, not a busy day of hosting a visitor.

And then my cousin arrived, and we went out to dinner, and it was really great seeing her and catching up and hearing about how her family is doing and how her trip to DC is going and everything. And she gushed about our house, and our dog, and I remembered how fun it is to have people visit, and forgot all about my momentary wish that I could just hole myself away in a dark, lonely room with my computer for the rest of the weekend. Because really, this is much better.


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