June 16 – 1: My Dad

Here are just a few of the amazing things I love about my dad:

  • When he’s happy, he sings “Tea for Two” as he’s walking around the house. (Only slightly off-key)
  • He used to wear a t-shirt around the house that said “I may grow older, but I’ll never grow up.” It’s true. He’s still got a child-like enjoyment of the world, a sense of wonder and excitement about how things work and how cool it all is if you actually take the time to stop and think about it.
  • He can do anything –  or if he can’t yet, he’ll find a book, read about it, and learn how.
  • He knows all the prices for all the Monopoly properties by heart, even when they’ve got houses or hotels built on them.
  • When I was finishing up high school, he quit his job to go back and get a Ph.d., then started a successful solar panel company. He inspires me through his dedication to making good things happen in his own life, not just resigning himself to a ho-hum day-to-day existence.
  • When we went camping when we were kids, he would always make up the best stories as we were all falling asleep together in the tent.
  • He truly believes that there is life on other planets – it’s just a matter of time until we make contact. But his belief isn’t just wishful thinking . It’s based on reading scientific journals and weighing the evidence for himself.
  • As he prepares for retirement, he’s already thinking about what his next project is going to be – what he’s going to learn and try and succeed at with his new free time.

I love you, Dad, and I’m so proud and lucky to be your daughter.


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