June 16 – 3: Wizard!

So while my cousin was here visiting, we had a chance to play one of my favorite games – Wizard. Wizard is a German trick-taking card game that has some similarities to Bridge. You get points based on whether or not you make your bid for the number of tricks you take, with the highest card played taking the trick. It’s better than Bridge, though, because you don’t have the complication of working with a partner. (Or at least I find it better, anyway – intellectually, I understand that people like the partner aspect of Bridge, but it’s not my thing at all).

Like Ticket to Ride, it’s a great game to play with non-gamers. It’s a card game, so right away that makes it a little more accessible than many of my favorite board games. And play is similar enough to more common card games like Bridge or Hearts, so the rules feel familiar, which makes it easier to explain. But the strategy is still interesting enough for more seasoned gamers to enjoy it, too. It’s definitely worth tracking down a copy if you’re a game nerd.


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