June 18 – 1: Working with students

Yesterday was most teachers’ last day of the school year, and the students wrapped up their year on Friday. So when I went in to work today, the building was almost empty. I spent my day being incredibly productive – I got tons of work done on my book purchases for next year, and also got some more cleaning and packing done. But it was a very lonely day.

It reminded me of one of the reasons I chose to be a school librarian: the variety that comes from spending your day working with people. I used to work at an office job, where I spent almost all of my time sitting at my computer, working on projects. And even though I shared an office, it was a very solitary job. I didn’t like it much. I got bored, and couldn’t focus very well, and ended up wasting a lot of my work day reading things on the Internet.

When I’m working with students, my days can be frustrating. They can be infuriating, or depressing, or any number of less-than-positive adjectives. But they’re never boring. Which is one of the things I really love about my job.


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