June 19 – 2: Free time during normal business hours

One of the things I love about the summer is how easy it is to get little chores done that have to happen during normal business hours. Today, I called and made appointments to take the dog to the vet, get my teeth cleaned, and get the oil changed in the car. All of which are hard to do outside of school hours. Normally, these kinds of tasks are easier for teachers, but because my school is about 40 minutes drive from my house, and my service providers are all near my house, it’s hard to get to them before they close.

I even have a hard time calling to make appointments during school.During the school day I’m constantly busy teaching, planning, and helping students. Then, once students leave, I’m wrapped up in trying to get things doen that I didn’t have time for during the day – writing e-mails, planning for the next day, making copies. Calling to make an appointment usually slips my mind until I’m on my way out the door, and then I’m usually rushing to try to beat the worst of the traffic. So it’s really great to have so much unstructured time during the summer to get these kinds of things done.


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