June 20 – 1: “We consistently every single year avoid the apocalypse”

I’m stretching a little bit today to come up with three good things to post about. Not that I had a particularly bad day or anything – I’ve just had a very blah day. I went in to school today, largely to take part in a meeting of our school improvement team. A school improvement team is supposed to work on addressing some of the challenges facing a particular school by coming up with a school improvement plan. And ours is just very dysfunctional. It has a rotating cast of members, which means that half of every meeting is spent trying to catch people up to speed. Its meetings are always too short (today, we were given an hour – when what we were doing realistically needed a full day – but that’s all that the county was willing and able to pay for), and I feel like they’re never very productive. Mostly, we seem to end up rehashing the same know issues and what we’re already trying to do to address them, not coming up with many new ideas or improvements on what we’re already doing.

So I’m glad I’ve been saving this video as something to post about, because I needed to rewatch it today. It talks about how easy it is to get caught up in the negative, because disasters are often immediate and pressing, and not notice all of the positive things that are slowly but surely happening. And while the video is about macro-level problems, it also applies to the micro-problems at my school. Because, really, having this meeting today was an improvement over last year, when no such meeting took place and our school improvement plan was developed by persons unknown with little to no input from the staff. And there is progress being made on some of the identified issues at my school, for sure. It’s just less noticeable than the large problems that still face us.



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