June 23 – 2: Nostalgia

So as I was reading through my blog posts on my freshly created Inoreader account today, a couple of posts and links led me all the way down the nostalgia rabbit-hole to the Gap swing commercial, which as I think about it, seriously changed my life:

If this commercial hadn’t been on TV, then the whole swing revival movement in the late ’90’s might not have happened. And I don’t know what my high-school social life would have been like without it. Once my friends and I could drive, our social scene revolved around trips to go swing dancing at the Mercury Cafe on any Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday night that we could talk our parents into letting us go.  My best friends at school were the other kids who were into swing dancing – who also happened to be in choir and honors classes with me. And maybe we would have been friends without the dancing, but I’m not really sure about that. All I know for sure is that I loved to dance, and it was a huge part of my identity when I was a teenager – and even into college. And as much as I may hate commercials sometimes, and what they say and mean about our society, I’m incredibly grateful that this one was made and that it influenced what my friends and I thought was cool when we were teenagers.



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