June 24 – 3: Easy summer cocktails

J and I are mostly beer and wine people. Well, really, J is mostly a beer person, and I am not much of a drinker, but when I do drink I’m more likely to drink beer or wine, or occasionally a gin and tonic. Partially that’s out of preference – I like beer and wine – but it’s also partially out of laziness, since I don’t really know how to make many cocktails, and since we haven’t bothered to stock ourselves with much of a bar. (Who am I kidding – we don’t have a bar at all. Just a few bottles of wine and the dregs of a bottle of tequila that we haven’t touched in probably five years).

But these cocktails look tasty and relatively easy, so maybe I’ll give them a try this summer at some point.

(Also, yes, I still read a wedding blog, even though J and I got married almost two years ago. But it’s a blog that’s evolving to be not just about weddings, but about marriage and relationships too. And it has pretty pictures! And the occasional how-to that extends beyond weddings – like this one).


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