I think I’m going to need to change the format of this blog. At least a little bit, and at least for over the summer. Because the reality is, without my students, and my fellow teachers, and my lesson planning, and my commute, I’m not sure I have enough variety in my days to pull together three posts each day about different topics. During the summer, my life contracts pretty substantially – I spend a lot of time alone (or with just the dog as company). I read a lot – both books and various things on the Internet. I play the same computer game for weeks at a time. I also don’t have a schedule where I have a chunk of free time between when I get home from work and when J gets home from work – I may have free time in the morning, like I did yesterday, and then a busy afternoon and evening.

So I’m going to experiment a little bit. I want to keep posting every day, and I want to keep a focus on positivity. I think I’m going to shift to posting three things I’ve accomplished every day. Sometimes I may elaborate on them with a couple of paragraphs, sometimes I might just list them as bullet points. Sometimes I may not post them until the next morning. But hopefully this will work better for my schedule and my routine and my summer state of mind. We’ll see how it goes. Starting tomorrow.


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