July 1 – 3: King of Tokyo

In addition to spending some time at the beach, we also spent a fair bit of time playing games this weekend. And mostly, we played King of Tokyo, which may be my new favorite game. Certainly it’s up there with Ticket to Ride, Wizard, and Puerto Rico (which I’m sure I’ll post about in detail someday).

I’m usually not a huge fan of games that involve a lot of chance – I much prefer games where you win or lose based on your strategy, not based on getting lucky draws or rolls. But this dice game is a lot of fun – it’s got a good balance of chance and strategy. It’s great because in order to win, you do have to be doing a decent job with your strategy, but if you’re not a strategy buff, you can still have fun kicking some monster butt and seeing what the dice give you. Plus it doesn’t take super long, it’s light enough that you can also have a conversation at the same time you’re playing it, and its off-brand killer monsters are pretty sweet, too. Definitely a perfect game to pull out when you’ve got a mixed group of hard-core strategy gamers and non-gamers.

Will Wheaton also featured it on TableTop – to see him in action playing the game, check out his show:


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