July 10 – Gardening, groceries, and the dog park

Here’s what I got up to today (other than playing Avadon for a good chunk of the afternoon):

  1. I checked on our garden, picked a few more cherry tomatoes, and pruned off some tomato leaves that weren’t doing so well. Last year, our tomato plants developed a whole lot of yellow leaves for some reason, and we found that trimming them off seemed to keep whatever the problem was from spreading as quickly. And despite a whole bunch of major pruning last year, we still had an amazing tomato crop. So this year I plan to be more on top of trimming off the dead and dying leaves, and hopefully that will help the plant do even better.
  2. I went to the grocery store nice and early.
  3. Daisy and I went to the dog park. It wasn’t one of our best visits – we went in the middle of the afternoon, so there was only one other dog there for a little bit. But we still had a good time, and our dog park is located inside a bigger park, so we had a nice (if overly humid) walk to and from the dog park.

July 3 – Reading, dog parks, and salads

Here are three accomplishments from today:

  1. I re-read my brother’s most recent novel, which he’s planning to start shopping to agents soon. (For anyone who’s interested, his website┬áhas details about his writing, including links to places you can read it online).
  2. I took the dog to the dog park, and managed to get back to my car a little after it started to rain, but a little before the torrential downpour began.
  3. I made myself a super-delicious salad for dinner (and also used up some greens that were on the verge of going bad).