June 4 – 2: Yoga pants

I seriously love these yoga pants. They are pretty much the most comfortable pants in the world – if I could, I would wear them everywhere. They almost feel like you aren’t wearing any pants at all, only warmer than that – which is pretty much my ideal state of being. I’m not usually the kind of person who comes home and changes out of my work clothes – instead, I just make sure my work clothes are comfortable enough for me to also want to wear them at home. But these pants might just be comfy enough to change my habits.

May 30 – 1: Bermuda shorts

As a teacher, I am incredibly glad that shorts like these are in style right now – and even considered to be business casual if you pair them with the right top. Because today it’s supposed to get up to 94° in the Baltimore area, but I’ve got a busy day full of running around the school and I don’t really want to wear a skirt – too much hassle for a day like today. So Bermuda shorts to the rescue!