July 11 – Lunch date, appointment, and visit planning

Today turned out to be pretty busy (by my lazy summer standards, anyway):

  1. I met a college friend (who’s also a teacher) for lunch, frozen yogurt, and sharing about what’s going on in our lives.
  2. I made an appointment to get a haircut – which is a major accomplishment for me. I’m terrible about actually scheduling appointments for some reason, so any time I finally get around to picking up the phone and calling, I feel like it’s a triumph.
  3. My in-laws are coming to visit in a few weeks, so I scoured the Internet for things to do with them while they’re here. It’s always a little tricky when they visit, because they used to live in Maryland, so they’ve already done most of the typical tourist things that we often do with out of town visitors. But hopefully we’ll figure out some fun things to do so that we don’t spend too much time just sitting around our house.

June 22 – 1, 2, & 3: Busy days

Yesterday was extremely busy for me, so I didn’t have a chance to post. But (briefly), here are three good things from yesterday:

1. Having lunch with one of my best friends from college and getting a chance to catch up. (She’s also in a similar place in life, so it was really great to share and commiserate and give/receive advice).

2. As I drove to meet her, I went slightly out of range of my favorite radio station and had to listen to commercial radio for a little bit, which always makes me a little sad. I think I listened to more radio commercials yesterday than I had so far this year. But I did hear Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis not once, but twice. And even though it is a little preachy in its message, it still makes me happy to hear it being played on a commercial radio station. The music video is also beautiful.

3. Dinner with a set of J’s friends from college, including an adorable dog and – best of all – an 18-month-old toddler. He was adorable, and showed all of the traits I love about toddlers. He happens to be in a phase where he’s fascinated by how doors work, so he spent minutes at a time (which is hours in toddler time) opening and closing doors repeatedly. But the absolute cutest thing was when he would throw a tennis ball for the dog, and the dog would spaz out because she was so excited about the ball, and the toddler would be thrilled and giggle and shriek with joy.

June 20 – 3: Friends who are in similar places in life

The best thing about going to school today for a meeting was that after the meeting, I went out with a few of my fellow teachers for coffee. (Or herbal iced tea, in my case). And one of them was one of the teachers who started at the school with me three years ago, and who is probably my closest friend at school. Like me, she came to teaching after working elsewhere for a few years, and she and her husband are starting to think about buying a house – which J and I are talking about, too.

It’s really nice to be able to talk about major life events – things like going back to school, buying a house, taking care of a dog, having kids, changing careers, etc. – with someone else who is facing some of the same questions and thoughts and issues and hopes and dreams.

June 14 – 3: Take me out to the ball game

I am not much of a sports person. I like playing them okay – as long as no one is overly competitive, anyway. And I can get into watching them sometimes. I even know most of the rules for most major sports, so I can usually follow what’s going on. But I don’t really understand adopting a team as YOUR TEAM and truly caring about the outcome of the game.

Tonight, we went to a baseball game with a group of J’s friends from law school. It was fun to see people and hang out, but baseball is definitely not the right sport for me. I know this will be sacrilege to many out there, but I find it pretty boring. There’s just not enough action – most of the 3 hour or so game is spent watching the players watch each other while they wait for the pitcher to prepare himself. Or watching the players who just took the field throw the ball back and forth as they warm up. I much prefer soccer, where the action is constant, or even football, where there are at least more intense bursts of action when everyone on the field is engaged in the play.

But despite my lack of baseball fandom, and my grumbling at the prices of ballpark food ($10 for a small basket of chicken strips and fries? $5 for a bottle of water?), I had a really good time. J and I are kind of homebodies, but I always have fun when we actually get ourselves out to do things. And there were several other non-baseball people there, too, so J and I had other folks to commiserate with about the boringness of baseball. All in all, a good night.