July 12 – Vet visit, Craigslist, and resume

Today actually turned out to be a pretty busy day, despite the fact that I spent most of it in my pajamas:

  1. Daisy’s ears started bothering her a lot last night, so I took her to the vet to discover that she has an ear infection in both ears! But we’ve got her on medication now, so hopefully she’ll get to feeling better soon.
  2. I’ve decided I could use a little more structure to the rest of my summer, so I started looking for part-time tutoring work on Craigslist. I’m already in touch with a woman who’s looking for GRE tutoring, and I think I’m going to apply to work for a company that provides a curriculum for homeschooled students.
  3. I revamped my resume to be more appropriate for tutoring-style jobs.