July 6 – Brunch, Egypt, and Errands

Here’s what I’ve accomplished today:

  1. J and I went to brunch at Miss Shirley’s┬áthis morning with some of his friends from college. Miss Shirley’s is a Baltimore institution with an amazing brunch menu, and I had the perfect meal: a veggie and goat cheese omelet with hash browns (I love me a potato product) plus a couple of bites of J’s coconut-stuffed french toast, which was delicious but so sweet and rich that I can’t imagine eating it as a meal.
  2. I got a little bit of a handle on the situation in Egypt┬áby watching Hank Green’s video summarizing recent Egyptian politics.
  3. J and I took Daisy for a long walk to run errands. First, we went to our local indie pet store to get her some new dog food, since she has decided to stop eating hers, and then we stopped by our local fancy booze store so that J could run inside and buy things while I stayed outside with the dog. These are both things that I’ve been meaning to do during the week, but it was much nicer to do them as an outing with J instead of as chores on my own.

June 1 – 3: Finishing things

J has been taking a free online class in Python this spring through MIT’s OpenCourseWare program. He’s been mostly enjoying the learning, I think, but it’s been stressful because he has a long commute, so between that and the class, he hasn’t felt like he’s had a lot of free time. But today he took his final exam, and he passed the class. Which is super exciting for two reasons. One, he wasn’t sure that he was going to pass, since he’d stopped taking the class very seriously a couple of months ago. So it’s great that he still managed to pass it. And two, it’s really exciting for both of us that he’s going to have more free time. Hopefully that means we’ll be able to plan more fun things to do together this summer.