May 27 – 1: Starting this blog

I love having new ideas. I love planning things, daydreaming about them, thinking about what they could become. What I could do. Sometimes it drives my husband a little crazy, because when I have an idea, I jump in with both feet. If I daydream about moving, I start researching neighborhoods, looking at areas on GoogleMaps, and sending him Craigslist ads to see if the place meets his approval – even though most of the time, we’re not actually going to move.

One of the good things about my day today has been this new blog idea. I know it’s not really that new – the advice to find three good things about every day has been out there for ages, and I’m sure there are lots of people who have created similar blogs before. And it’s not even that new to me – it’s something I’ve thought about doing before. But today I thought about it in a different way, because today I decided that I’m actually going to start it. And I’m really excited about the possibilities that come along with that.