June 18 – 3: Survival voyeurism + science

Like most people, I love reading news stories about people surviving against all odds, so this article in Slate about a man trapped underwater for three days caught my eye as I was scanning the headlines during a break from my boring day at work today. And then the article got even better – because it wasn’t just a survival story. It also touched lightly on the science behind how Harrison Okene was able to survive, which makes the story way more interesting (at least for me, anyway). Go check it out.


May 28 – 1: Astronaut Chris Hadfield

For weeks now I’ve been seeing links to the YouTube video of Chris Hadfield singing “Space Oddity” on the International Space Station, and I finally watched it. It is amazing. Go watch it. It will brighten up your day. And then watch some of his other videos – they’ll make you feel good about humanity and what we have managed to accomplish.