June 21 – 2: Inoreader

I’ll admit it: I am a Google-o-phile. I use G-mail for my e-mail and chat needs, anytime I need to search for something I turn to Google, and Google maps is pretty much the only way I ever find my way anywhere. And, up until today, I used Google Reader to help me keep track of interesting things I want to read about on the Web.

But, sadly (and for the first time ever), Google has really let me down. They’re getting rid of Google Reader as a service.  I know, they’ve created services in the past that haven’t been so hot, and they’ve gotten rid of services before. But this is the first time that it’s really affected me. I rely on Google Reader – I use it almost every day, for both entertainment and for work. I use it to follow library blogs, and comics, and my friends’ blogs, and mommy blogs, and news sites, and all kinds of things. So ever since they announced that they weren’t going to be offering it past July 1st, I’ve been kind of in denial. I’ve continued to use Google Reader, and while I’ve kept an ear out for other services to replace it, I haven’t really looked for them. But July 1st is almost here.

Luckily, J has been less of a procrastinator than me about this, and he found another service to take its place – Inoreader. I just bit the bullet and tried it out, and so far it’s great – it’s almost exactly the same as Google Reader, which is exactly what I want. And transferring my subscriptions over was super easy. So if you’re in the same boat as me, check it out. I think it’s going to be okay – as long as it isn’t blocked by my school’s draconian Internet filters…


June 16 – 2: Hillary Clinton on Twitter

I kind of love the way that Hillary Clinton has joined Twitter. I’m not a twitter-er myself at this point – I’ve been avoiding joining because I don’t really think I need another social networking tool (or another Internet time-suck). But I think I might give it a go over the summer. Because, seriously, I kind of want to read more of her tweets and generally be a fangirl.