July 11 – Lunch date, appointment, and visit planning

Today turned out to be pretty busy (by my lazy summer standards, anyway):

  1. I met a college friend (who’s also a teacher) for lunch, frozen yogurt, and sharing about what’s going on in our lives.
  2. I made an appointment to get a haircut – which is a major accomplishment for me. I’m terrible about actually scheduling appointments for some reason, so any time I finally get around to picking up the phone and calling, I feel like it’s a triumph.
  3. My in-laws are coming to visit in a few weeks, so I scoured the Internet for things to do with them while they’re here. It’s always a little tricky when they visit, because they used to live in Maryland, so they’ve already done most of the typical tourist things that we often do with out of town visitors. But hopefully we’ll figure out some fun things to do so that we don’t spend too much time just sitting around our house.

July 1 – 1: Not getting sunburned (Also, the beach!)

I am one of those people who gets sunburned if I even think about going out in the sun. When I was growing up, it was just kind of a given – if our family was going to spend a day outside (or even a couple of hours), I was going to wind up at least a little bit sunburned. No matter how much sunscreen I put on, I always either missed a spot, or didn’t reapply soon enough, or forgot about the part in my hair, or something.

So I take it as a personal triumph any time I do an outdoor activity – like going to the beach – and manage to come out without a sunburn. Which I totally did this weekend. As an adult, I’m finally learning how to manage my skin in the sun. I put sunscreen on vigilantly, before going to the beach/park/field/wherever. I wear a shirt with sleeves that cover my shoulders. I sit/walk/whatever in the shade as much as possible between 10 am and 2 pm. And the last two times I’ve gone to the beach, I’ve managed to come through unscathed.

I also enjoyed my time at the beach – I did some reading, got to know some of J’s friends better, dozed a little bit, and dipped my toes in the water before deciding it was a bit too cold for me to want to go all the way in. But the lack of sunburn was pretty exciting.

June 28 – Gardening, laundry, and packing

Here’s what I’ve accomplished today:

  1. I picked the first four cherry tomatoes from our garden (and ate them – they were delicious. Can’t wait for more!)
  2. I put away some laundry that’s been hanging around, ready to be folded, for most of the week.
  3. I packed to go to Long Beach Island for the weekend.

Because we’ll be out of town this weekend, I won’t be posting – I won’t even have access to a computer. So I’ll be back on Monday!

May 29 – 2: Unpacking in a timely fashion

I am terrible about getting chores done. I procrastinate like crazy, and usually wind up negotiating with myself. Is the floor really THAT dirty? Surely it can wait another week to be cleaned. And since we’ll have to clean before the next time we have people come over anyway, there’s really no point in cleaning anything NOW, is there?

But my practical, mature, chore-accomplishing side has won out today. At least when it comes to unpacking my suitcase from our weekend trip, anyway. I’ve already gotten it done. Which is great – it makes me feel like I’m actually a real adult. Now on to the next step: laundry!

(Or maybe that can wait – I don’t really need any more clean clothes before the weekend, do I?)

May 28 – 3: Daisy

J and I traveled to Providence and Boston over Memorial Day Weekend, and we had a great trip. But today, I’m glad to be home – especially because I picked up our adorable and very happy puppy from the kennel this afternoon.

Daisy chewing on stick 5.28.13

Daisy rolling on my legs 5.28.13

Daisy on couch 5.28.13

She may drive us crazy sometimes, but there is nothing like the unconditional love you get from a dog who’s excited to see you.