July 16 – Cleaning, organizing, and TV

Sorry that these updates seem to be creeping later and later, but here are some of the things I did yesterday:

    1. I cleaned out our fridge. And not just throwing out old things that were past their prime (though there was definitely some of that) – I also scrubbed down the shelves, took the drawers out and washed them, etc. It has been three years since we moved into this place. It was definitely time.
    2. I cleared off the top of the fridge, which had become a giant mess of things we don’t use very often, and reorganized it and some of our other kitchen storage space.
    3. I started watching Lost Girl on Netflix streaming, which I’m really enjoying. I may or may not have watched six episodes yesterday. I may or may not plan on watching as much again today. (But only as a reward after I get some cleaning done – my parents are coming to visit!)

July 5 – Yoga, budgeting, and vegging out

Here’s what I was up to today:

  1. One of my goals for the summer is to get into an exercise routine, and today I finally started my day off with a pretty good yoga session. Hopefully I can make it part of my daily routine this summer and then keep it there when school starts up in the fall.
  2. J and I have always been pretty relaxed about our budget, because neither of us spend a lot of money. But we’ve got some financial goals to save up for (buying a house! taking a belated honeymoon! paying off J’s law school loans!), so one of my goals for the summer is to create a more detailed budget so that we can be working a little more actively towards these goals. So today I tracked down some of our fixed expenses and put them in a spreadsheet, and hopefully J and I will get around to finishing it up sometime this weekend.
  3. After all that hard work accomplishing things in the morning (or just out of general summertime laziness…) I spent most of the rest of the day watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix streaming. Some of my students absolutely love the show, so it’s kind of for work? I mean, that really is the reason I picked it out of all the stuff that’s available to be watched. And overall, I’m enjoying it – it’s basically a soap opera crossed with a very drawn out slasher movie. Although I do have some major issues with most of the romantic relationships on the show. But that’s a post for another time, since I’m still working on pinpointing exactly what it is about them that I object to.