July 3 – Reading, dog parks, and salads

Here are three accomplishments from today:

  1. I re-read my brother’s most recent novel, which he’s planning to start shopping to agents soon. (For anyone who’s interested, his website has details about his writing, including links to places you can read it online).
  2. I took the dog to the dog park, and managed to get back to my car a little after it started to rain, but a little before the torrential downpour began.
  3. I made myself a super-delicious salad for dinner (and also used up some greens that were on the verge of going bad).

July 2 – Sweeping, shopping, and writing

Here are three things I did today:

  1. Swept an entire dog’s worth of fur up from our basement.
  2. Went to the grocery store nice and early. Again. (I know, this happens almost every week. But it’s still an achievement whenever I actually get around to doing it.)
  3. Started daydreaming about a novel I might write. I’m very good at coming up with ideas, and even starting to write them, but I don’t have a lot of stick-with-it-ness. So we’ll see if anything comes of this. Even if nothing ever does, it still feels good to be working on a creative project.